Rear view camera wiring harness for CS Super CMOS cameras

Chassis harness for CS Super CMOS cameras



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This is a 25' long fully loomed chassis harness that is designed for use with any of our 12 volt Super CMOS camera kits. The harness has a deep socket 4 pin single point connector on the camera end and positive, ground, and RCA video on the opposite end. All electrical connections must be made inside the cab, which provides for protection against corrosion.


NOTE: This harness is only compatible with Camera Source Super CMOS cameras and should not be used with any other kit.  If you are not sure please ask as this cable has a very specific resistance value designed exclusively for our cameras.

Additional Information

Additional Information

12 volt systems and works with any Camera Source Super CMOS camera kit.
Installation Information
Fully loomed so it's protected when run under a truck chassis or exposed to the elements. All connections need to be made inside the cab (except the single point socket that the camera plugs into).