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10 Low-Cost, Low-Tech Upgrades For Your RV

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10 Low-Cost, Low-Tech Upgrades For Your RV

Your beloved recreational vehicle should be your home on wheels, but a stripped-down model can feel less like a home and more like a submarine. Fortunately, you don't need to trade in for a pricey new model to treat yourself. There are plenty of low-cost upgrades you can make to your RV to enjoy the luxuries of home while on the road. You’ll be amazed how little adaptations can add up to make a big difference.

These often-overlooked amenities can greatly increase your storage space and the functionality of your RV.

Towel and Shower Racks

These often-overlooked amenities can greatly increase your storage space and the functionality of your RV. Look for fairly low-profile towel racks that coordinate with your furnishings; ones that stick out eat into precious interior space. Shower racks allow you to keep bathing accessories organized and conveniently at hand.

Improved Shower Head

While we're in the RV's shower, take a look at the shower head. Are you actually happy with the sputtering, anemic stream? Is it placed so low that you have to squat to get your head underneath? This simple DIY upgrade will pay you back every morning when you stand underneath the new high-pressure or massaging spray.

Memory Foam Mattress

A good night's sleep is vital to enjoying your life on the road. Unfortunately, the mattress that came with your RV may be a lumpy, rock-hard, or too-soft masterpiece of poor engineering. Foam toppers can only do so much. To really make your RV a restful place, look into comfortable memory foam mattresses. These come in a variety of sizes and some companies will even create one to your specifications.

Paint and Wallpaper

Chances are the walls inside the RV aren't quite to your taste. They may be overwhelmingly beige, chintzy country, or papered in a faux-wood grain that has missed the mark. You have a great opportunity to brighten up an older RV and reflect your unique style. A lot of people DIY this project, but depending on how the original wallpaper was bonded to the walls, it may be difficult to remove. Be sure to look at a tutorial before making any changes.

Shoe Storage

Sandals, crocs, hiking boots, athletic shoes, mud boots, high heels, and more! It's amazing how many pairs of shoes you end up carrying, especially for a large family. Heaping them by the door creates a hazard that may send you sprawling in the middle of the night. Tossing them in a box scuffs the shoes and no one can find a pair fast. The solution? Built-in shoe storage. Options include over-the-door hanging units, wire racks at the bottom of the closet, and cubbies built into an unused corner of the counter. This can be a great DIY project if you have a little time on your hands.

Replacement Storage Locks

Unfortunately, many manufacturers looking to save a few bucks have installed locks in their RVs that can all be opened with one kind of key. That's right, someone with the key to a different RV storage compartment may be able to access what you've stored. Make life a little harder for nosy neighbors and would-be thieves and swap out those locks for ones that open to just one key, your own.

Lighting Upgrades

Modern RVs have more windows than previous generations, but they can still be pretty dark. Fortunately, there are a number of energy-efficient solutions. Strip lighting brightens dark areas of the pantry or the top of the closet. LED lights can be placed on inside or outside walls, and some are available in a variety of festive colors. Another often neglected spot is under-the-bed storage, a fairly large space where items tend to get forgotten because you can't see them.

Vent Fan

Your RV likely has one or two vent fans already. These typically-anemic models do little to vent odors from the bathroom or kitchen. Revitalize your RV with a literal breath of fresh air with a quiet, low-power vent fan. This investment can save you in the long run as it helps keep an RV from turning into a sauna in hot and humid conditions.

Magnetic Strips

Storing all of your kitchen tools and cutlery in a small space can be a huge challenge. Why not add a couple magnetic strips to your RV kitchen? You can use them to hold knives, scissors, and other metal tools. You can also add magnets to small boxes or containers to provide even more storage options. Plus, it makes your tiny kitchen look neat and organized.

Quality Hardwired Surge Protector

What is a surge protector doing on a list of low-tech upgrades? Simply put, your RV contains a large number of vital electrical systems and fairly expensive equipment that need protection. Many RV's basic surge protectors just aren't sensitive enough to detect shifts in power. Those variances can fry the electronics in your vehicle and leave you beached for days at a repair shop. A quality surge protector is more than a relatively inexpensive way to make sure your road trip runs smoothly.

Upgrade Your RV The Quick and Easy Way

Your RV may have come out of the lot “fully furnished,” but it probably isn't the perfect fit for you and your unique needs. You don't need to break the bank or search endlessly for fancy gadgets to make your RV feel like home. With these easy and affordable upgrades, you can enjoy new systems, decor, lighting, and more to make your RV a traveling luxury suite.