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Announcing our Front and Rear Dash Cam Kit

Announcing our Front and Rear Dash Cam Kit

Camera Source is your number one stop for the highest quality dashboard cameras, and the latest addition to our dash cam lineup has arrived, and we’re very excited to share it with you. It has often requested features that will ensure that you have excellent views of your vehicle, no matter where you might find yourself.

Meet our Front and Rear Dual Lens Truck Dash Cam Kit:

This dash kit will add amazing safety and utility features to your vehicle. Don't miss out on great backup cameras! 

It’s a powerful piece of technology, and easy to install on your vehicle. Here are some of the features:

  • Dual Camera System – Simultaneously captures the road ahead and behind in HD video (Front: 1080P FHD, Rear: 720P HD)
  • Split Screen View – View both Cameras at the same time. The free Drive HD Player allows for simultaneous playback of front and rear video files
  • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle – Films the entire road and your peripherals without edge distortion (Front: 160°, Rear: 130°)
  • 7 Inch Screen & 1080P FHD Recording - Simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P front view video recording and 720P waterproof rear cam, ensuring you get the best footage all day and night.
  • Automatic Reverse camera trigger - Connect the trigger wire to reverse power and the rear camera will automatically switch over the full view and trigger guide line for safe parking when in reverse.
  • G-Sensor - The integrated G-sensor will auto-lock recorded video for safekeeping when detecting collision. Equipped with this powerful function, 7 inch dash cam front and rear provides powerful evidence in case of dispute and give you peace of mind when driving.
  • Motion Detection - When the lens senses that there is a moving object around, the machine enters camera state.
  • Automatic recording - When the car is started, the recorder automatically starts up and turns on the recording function. (when the automatic recording function is turned on) *Micro SD card not included.
  • One-Key Switching Design - Based on one-key switching design, it is convenient for you to switch the five view modes from full screen display of front/rear view or picture-picture display.

What is a front and rear camera?

Commercial vehicles face many dangerous obstacles on the road. Keep your safety equipment updated by shopping with Camera Source! 

A front and rear camera provides the utility of continuous video feeds of the front and rear of your vehicle. Rather than engaging just when you’re backing up, a front and rear camera has the functionality to give continuous video feeds of your vehicle.

Uses for commercial vehicles

We designed these front and rear cameras specifically for many of the obstacles that commercial vehicles face. Trucks and other delivery vehicles often have to navigate difficult-to-manage spaces and locations, and technology that allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times is invaluable.

And these aren’t grainy videos either. Our dual-camera system displays and records in 1080p and 720p so you can have high quality video that gives you pinpoint location accuracy and excellent guide lines so you’ll be able to maneuver your vehicle wherever it ends up.

Uses for consumer vehicles

Consumer vehicles can benefit from front and rear cameras as well, as their functionality doesn’t just benefit those who drive commercial vehicles. The G-Sensor that our Front and Rear Dual Lens camera features advanced collision detection that begins recording in the event of a collision, which can provide powerful evidence when settling an insurance dispute.

Additionally, having a front and rear view of your vehicle can be incredibly valuable when navigating the road.


Installation of this particular model is pretty easy. If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide to setting up a rear and front view camera, you can read one of our guides on the subject, which will take you through the entire process, but in fifteen seconds you will need to:

  1. Attach the truck dash cam to the bracket and fix it in the position to be installed.
  2. Install the rear view camera on the back of the vehicle and pay attention to the direction when installing. Wiring can be routed along the roof or under the vehicle. After the installation is complete, plug into the rear camera interface of the display harness.
  3. Connect monitor power to a 12 Volt power source and connect ground wire to a clean piece of metal on the frame.

Where you can get it

If you’re looking to find one of the best front and rear dash cam kits on the market, look no farther. Camera Source has some of the highest quality and easiest to install cameras on the market. Our online store makes finding the right model for your vehicle easy. You can get your Front and Rear Dash Cam kit here, and get in touch with us if you have more questions.