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December 2015

Best Hot Rod Shows In The US

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Best Hot Rod Shows In The US

Hot rod enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to see these sporty cars throughout the year. Whether you live on the Eastern Seaboard, the heart of Texas, or the Pacific Coast, there’s a hot rod show coming to a city near you. Check out some of the top hot rod and custom car shows in the U.S. taking place in 2016 and beyond.

Internet In Cars: The Way Of The Future Or A Hackers Dream

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Internet in Cars: The Way of the Future or a Hacker's Dream?

The future of vehicles is the Internet, with cars offering connectivity that enhances the driving experience. What seems like a thing of the future is becoming commonplace today, with an increasing number of connected vehicles hitting the market each year. This year, approximately 10 percent of all cars are connected to the Internet. By 2020, it's expected that as many as 22 percent of all cars will be connected cars. This is a significant amount of vehicles, and a number that is expected to continue to rise well into the future.

Infographic - Backup Camera Buyers Guide

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If your vehicle isn't equipped with a backup camera, you can still benefit from this life-saving technology by installing your own. 300 people die every year in the United States due to backup collisions. At least 150 of these victims are children under the age of 5 who are too small to be visible from the drivers seat.

Backup Cameras are so effective at increasing visibility and preventing accidents, the federal government will start requiring them in all new vehicles in May 2018.