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March 2016

The Pro's And Con's Of A Wired Backup Camera System For Your RV

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There's nothing quite so relaxing as spending some time in the great outdoors camping in your RV. However, few driving situations are mores stressful and difficult as backing that RV into a tight camping spot or getting it into your driveway at home.

Fortunately, installing a backup camera on your RV makes maneuvering your vehicle much easier and safer. A camera gives you an additional set of eyes to augment your mirrors and human spotters. You will have a clear view of your blind spots so that you can avoid any obstacles in your way.

When you shop for an RV backup camera, one important decision is whether to get a wireless or wired camera system. Wired camera systems may cost more time and money upfront, but they offer better quality images and typically last longer than wireless systems. Is a wired RV camera system right for you?

Go Hands Free In Your Car With These 7 Gadgets

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There’s no question that smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. There’s an app for just about everything, including driver safety. Smartphones can provide driving directions as well as a view of your car’s backup camera right from your phone’s screen. While using your phone to view your backup camera can improve safety, driving one-handed while holding your phone does not.

Despite the hazards, many drivers still use and operate their phones while driving. The best way to use your phone while keeping your hands on the wheel is to use a phone mount. There's no shortage of phone mounts on the market, so it can be hard finding exactly what you’re looking for. Check out the top phone mounts below to find the perfect hands-free solution for your driving needs.

7 Best Automobile Infographics On The Web

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Automobiles can be a fascinating subject matter. But instead of reading another article, how about checking out an infographic instead? Infographics are a quick, bite-sized way to learn something new. The best infographics bring together good data and graphics to tell a story. If you’re always on the lookout for fun facts about cars, but you’re short on time, check out these awesome automobile infographics on the web.

Optional Features That Help Maintain Vehicle Resale Value

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When selling an automobile, there are several factors that determine its value to potential buyers. Cars depreciate relatively quickly and factors such the model, age, mileage, and repair history all play a role in what the overall resale value will be.

One detail not to overlook is your car’s optional features. Depending on what optional features you have, your car may retain far more of its value versus a similar car with a more basic feature set. Consider the following factors when reviewing your automobile's resale value, and keep additional features in mind that could help retain its value.