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April 2016

The Pro's And Con's Of A Wireless Backup Camera System For Your RV

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Backup cameras have done wonders in improving safety for RV owners. With a backup camera, you have a much clearer view behind your recreational vehicle to help you maneuver more quickly and easily. RV owners today have a choice between wireless and wired backup camera systems to suit their needs and preferences. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type, but if you’re thinking about a wireless backup camera for your RV, the simplicity and low cost may appeal to you even with the sacrifice of image signal and quality. Is a wireless RV camera system right for you?

10 Low-Cost, Low-Tech Upgrades For Your RV

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Your beloved recreational vehicle should be your home on wheels, but a stripped-down model can feel less like a home and more like a submarine. Fortunately, you don't need to trade in for a pricey new model to treat yourself. There are plenty of low-cost upgrades you can make to your RV to enjoy the luxuries of home while on the road. You’ll be amazed how little adaptations can add up to make a big difference.