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July 2016

How To Install A Backup Camera On A Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota Tacoma backup camera for a fraction of the cost online. With new plug-and-play Tacoma backup cameras, you can add a backup camera to your truck quickly and easily without any cutting or splicing of wires.

There are also backup camera kits that replace your tailgate handle with a camera pre-loaded tailgate handle or a backup camera kit that comes as a standalone camera module and installs into your existing handle. License plate cameras and universal mount cameras are available as well.

Let’s show you how easy it is to install these backup camera kits on Toyota Tacomas with some step-by-step instructions. There is no radio programming necessary and the installation takes 10 minutes!

Easy Camper & 5th Wheel Plug And Play Backup Camera For Trucks

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The Problem: Using Tailgate Cameras With Campers & 5th Wheels

When you go camping with a truck bed camper, a trailer, or a fifth wheel, you generally have to remove the tailgate or put it down to connect the camper to your truck. When you put down your tailgate or remove it, you lose the ability to use your standard backup camera.

Without a backup camera to help you see what is behind and around you, backing up can be risky and dangerous (assuming you don’t have a passenger to stand outside of the truck and help you out). Even with help, it is hard to functionally see as the driver how close your camper is to obstacles and how you are fitting into different spaces.

The Solution: Plug-And-Play Camper Backup Cameras

New plug-and-play camper backup cameras for trucks are the simple, elegant solution. You can mount these new backup cameras almost anywhere, thanks to their versatile mounts. These cameras are seamlessly integrated as their small design allows them to be mounted in tight spaces, offering drivers a stylish rear visibility solution when towing.

Installing them a backup camera for truck is simple: they plug into the same connector that your factory tailgate camera uses. If you’re looking for other options, there are also camper plug, backup camera plug-and-play kits that that attach to your camper’s license plate. Either option is easy to install and the kits give you the tools to put the camera right behind your camper, if you can’t find anywhere else to mount it.

Once these cameras are plugged into the existing factory plug, they’re ready to use! They solve your visibility issue and allow you to see up to 170 degrees while reversing.

The Benefits Of These Easy Plug-and-Play Camper and 5th Wheel Backup Cameras

You can use these backup cameras for pickup trucks when pulling 5th wheels, truck campers, and tow campers. You’ll find a custom camera kit for all major heavy-duty pulling trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, and the Dodge Ram.

A few of the many benefits of these backup cameras:

  • Night vision creates a daytime-like display even in complete darkness
  • 150-170 degree view
  • 0 lux (does not require light to operate)
  • Very durable and housed in heavy casing
  • Weathertight connector
  • Steel sunshield for better visibility
  • Options for choosing desired cable length
  • Optional parking lines

Don’t be left blind by a tailgate backup camera that is inoperable with your camper. For the price of a few trips to the pump, you can be safe and secure with a brand new plug-and-play camper and 5th wheel backup camera. Fortunately, CameraSource has a wide range of backup cameras for many truck makes and models. It’s an easy fix!

How To Install A Backup Camera On A Ford F150

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Don't spend big bucks at your Ford dealer for a backup camera when you can get a F-150 backup camera kit for fraction of the price. F-150 backup camera kits from Camera Source are the best you can buy. These kits use all OEM Ford parts except for the camera, which outperforms the factory camera on every level.

Ready to take your F150 truck to the next level of safety, convenience, and performance? It’s easy to install Ford F150 backup camera kit. You can follow along to these step by step instructions and before you know it, you’ll have a nice, new tailgate emblem backup camera on your Ford F-150.