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August 2016

Easy Install Backup Cameras With Utility Bed Trucks

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Utility beds offer a ton of storage with heavy-duty outside cabinets, and often utilize modular shelving and drawers. Cabinets allow for easy access to commonly used tools. Lesser-used tools can be stored in the interior. No digging through toolboxes, constant rattling, and risk of theft. It's no wonder that electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, and general construction contractors turn to utility beds.

However, replacing a standard truck bed with a utility bed leaves you without backup views. Removing the tailgate, the place where your backup camera is installed, will leave your truck without a backup camera. In your larger, wider truck, having views behind you may be even more important than they were before. What are your options?

How To Install A Wireless & Wired RV Backup Camera

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Anyone who has driven an RV knows that the blind spots in an RV are much larger than in your typical car or SUV. Yet many cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans are coming equipped with backup cameras, while RVs are lagging behind. In fact, all light vehicles sold in the US will have backup technology built in by the year 2018.

This has led to serious demand for aftermarket RV backup cameras. Simply put, a few hundred dollars spent on a backup camera makes driving a vehicle with far more horsepower and blind spots than a normal car much safer to drive. With RV-specific backup cameras, prices range from just a few hundred bucks to the high hundreds for premium models. You can choose from a variety of options that are either wired or wireless.