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September 2016

Car Wi-Fi: Never Hear “Are We There Yet?” Again

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"Are we there yet?" Among the dreaded four-word sentences that parents hear pretty regularly, this one has to be the most frustrating. Because, usually, the answer is "No," and there isn't much anyone can do about it.

For any parent that has spent what seemed like an interminable road trip with bored kiddos in the back seat, today's technology-enabled entertainment choices certainly are leaps and bounds ahead of the analog games kids use to play. But, it's not enough to have in-car DVD and personal TVs in the family car. Kids today want to use their own devices and the personal content that they've curated. Think it's impossible? Think again.

10 Most Luxurious Mountain RV Camps

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10 Most Luxurious Mountain RV Camps

From sea to shining sea, America sure is beautiful. But the U.S. is made up of more than just beautiful bodies of water and shores of golden sand. Some of the most amazing mountains in the world adorn this country. And an RV is the perfect way to explore all of America’s beauties— from mountain to glorious mountain.

Whether you are headed to Montana, the Rocky Mountains, or to the Pine Mountains of Georgia, you can find a luxury mountain RV resort nestled right next to many popular mountain ranges. These resorts feature camping with five-star style and comfort, not to mention beauty. The views from each of these mountain resorts are breathtaking. So pack your suitcase, and rev up that engine as we check out the ten most luxurious mountain RV camps in America.