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July 2017

Understanding New Rear Visibility Guidelines and How to Comply

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The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said, “It’s not possible to go forward while looking back.”

For those in the transportation industry, however, being able to see clearly behind you can make all of the difference between maintaining the safety and integrity of your rig and causing needless injury and property damage. In an effort to reduce the blind spots that make backing up dangerous, a new rule in 2018 will require vehicles to have greater rearview visibility.

How to Master Backing Up and Launching a Boat

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According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, more than one third of all American adults will participate in boating at least once this year. For many, warm, summer weather is the only excuse needed to put a boat in the water and ride the waves. However, with an estimated 250,000 new and almost one million used powerboats being sold as of 2015, it is likely that some boat owners are new to launching a boat from a slip.