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December 2017

Making the Most of Your Rearview Camera System: Maintaining Your Backup Camera

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One of the unspoken expectations when it comes to driving is that safety equipment should work when we need it. A broken seatbelt, a misfiring air bag, or seized anti-lock brakes are all major concerns that would render a vehicle unsafe to drive and could require significant repair bills to remedy. There is, however, a safety device that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and unfortunately, easy to overlook.

Comparing the "Big Three": Ford versus Chrysler versus GM

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For many, the American-made car world can be divided between Ford and GM. Ford is the producer of the best-selling vehicle series in America since 1981 (and the best-selling pickup truck since 1977), while MGM is the best-selling American automotive manufacturer overall. Both have recovered since 2005, a year when fuel prices, a weak economy, weak market share, and legacy employee health care costs saw both companies’ stock take a dive to junk status. In part due to aggressive restructuring, including the elimination of unprofitable marques and the consolidation of production lines and factories, and in part due to an infusion of capital from the Bush Administration’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, both companies — along with Chrysler — have seen resurgence in both profitability and market relevance in the last decade.