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February 2018

The 12 Most Popular Chevy Silverado Questions Answered

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Americans love their pickup trucks. For the last 37 years, pickup trucks have topped the bestseller list in the United States. There is a sense of romanticism around truck ownership in America. The notion that one can be able to go anywhere and do or move anything behind the wheel of the one of the most powerful passenger vehicles commercially available has created a devotion to the pickup.

Blind Spots What New Driver Need to Understand to Be Safe

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When you get into a car, there is the sense that you are fully in control. With your rear-view mirror, side-view mirrors, and backup camera, it is easy to think you can see everything that around you while you are driving. The truth is that this is not true. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that nearly 300 individuals are killed and 18,000 are injuries in back-over crashes, with most being children and the elderly. While backup cameras can be of great use and safety to new drivers in the home there are also some basic tactics you can teach new drivers to keep them safe.