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February 2019

How to Clean & Troubleshoot a Foggy Backup Camera

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Anyone who owns a backup camera has likely experienced the same scenario: It’s 20 million below outside, you climb into your warm car ready to back up, and your backup camera reveals...a blurry, foggy mess. Getting caught unawares by a fogged or dirty backup camera is unfortunate, and with a little maintenance, can be easily avoided. We’ll take you through the steps of properly cleaning a camera lens, and then what you can do to troubleshoot a little further, as well as how to protect your backup camera for the future.

5 Ways to Deal With a Blurry Backup Camera

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Backup cameras have quickly moved from a luxury item to a necessary component for safety, ease of driving, and utility. That’s why it’s bad news when the images from your backup camera start to get blurry or obscured. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with your foggy backup camera repair.