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March 2019

How to Use Backup Camera Lines

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How to Use Backup Camera Lines If you own or lease a newer car, odds are that you have a backup camera installed. Most people utilize these cameras just for their picture-perfect view of whatever’s behind them, but these powerful tools can provide more than just easy viewing. The lines on your backup camera can help you parallel park, gauge distance, and more. This guide will give you an idea of where to start so you can get a better understanding of the tools you have at your disposal.

Why Don't Backup Cameras Record Accidents?

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Why Don't Backup Cameras Record Accidents?

A common question that many people have about their backup camera is one that seems pretty intuitive: If someone rear ends me, does my backup camera record accidents? The short answer to this question is no--but that’s an easily available answer, and doesn’t give you much information about why, how, or what you can do to protect yourself financial in the event of a crash where you are at fault. It seems like it’d be really great to have a video “black box” that could provide definitive information in the event of a crash. We’ll take you through several different possibilities for understanding why backup cameras don’t record, as well as options you can pursue or educate yourself on going forward.