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March 2020

Install a Backup Camera in a Silverado

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How to Install a SIlverado Backup Camera

If you’re reading this, you’ve purchased or are looking to purchase a brand new Chevy Silverado backup camera, and you’re trying to figure out how to install it. If you’re familiar with the general process of installing a backup camera, this is the post for you. However, if you’re a beginner, you should read this guide first.

Ford Ranger Years to Avoid

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Ford Ranger Years to Avoid

The Ford Ranger is a solid all-around compact truck with a reliable history of few recalls and complaints. Very few people report major problems, as the truck is considered a fairly low key model. That consistency comes with a few trade-offs. The Ranger is not where you go for major truck innovations—Instead, you get reliability.

Chevy Silverado Years to Avoid

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The Chevy Silverado has been doing heavy-duty work since 1998, and it’s one of the classics. But like any classic line of the vehicle, they can run into problems in different model years. That’s what this guide is for, to help you get an idea of the landscape for the Silverado, and where you can find the best value on a reliable truck model year that won’t break down.