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Our Favorite Auto Blogs

Our Favorite Auto Blogs

Sick of reading the same old boring car blogs? Car and truck enthusiasts rejoice! We have rounded up our top four favorite automotive blogs for your reading pleasure, and you are bound to find an article here that piques your interest. Get your car culture fix with these top automotive blogs.

Weekly Driver 

The Weekly Driver

Since 2003 (when it was a weekly column for cityexpress.com), The Weekly Driver has offered car reviews, automotive news, and other various auto industry content. The Weekly Driver features the work of journalist James Raia who has over 35 years of experience writing about sports, business, cars, and travel. The Weekly Driver excels at detailed, unbiased, and comprehensive car reviews. These reviews include test drives, descriptions of standard equipment, plenty of images, summaries of any special/add-on features, basic facts and figures, as well as the likes and dislikes of the reviewer. For the budget-minded consumer, the Weekly Driver also includes articles about purchasing used cars.



Ecomento reports the latest and greatest news in the world of hybrid and electric cars. Whether you are looking to buy a new hybrid or are just an enthusiastic electric car owner, Ecomento has a little something for everyone interested in green cars. Readers can learn about the latest technological advances in hybrids or use Ecomento's buyer's guides and reviews to make a well-informed purchase. Gadget lovers will adore their technology and innovation section. Equal parts fun and practical, Ecomento is there to help you through the mundane details of the green car movement (like what to do with that worn-out battery pack) as well as the more exciting possibilities (a real hoverboard?).

auto tribute 

Auto Tribute

The Auto Tribute tagline says it all: "Paying tribute to the good car, and then some." This site has a ton of content to offer including general automotive news, spy photos, car technology articles, videos, and coverage of the latest auto shows. Readers are often impressed by the variety of content, but the technology articles really shine. From covering the Opel Astra's LED matrix headlights to Cadillac CT6's video streaming rearview mirror, you will be amazed at the technological advances Auto Tribute reports. The name Auto Tribute actually refers to the fact that this site writes tributes to critically-acclaimed vehicles. These tributes outline both the history of the car, but also the characteristics that make these vehicles legendary.

National Motorists Association 

The National Motorists Association

Sick of getting tickets when you get caught in a speed trap? The National Motorists Association (NMA) is on your side. For over thirty years, the NMA has been supporting the rights and freedoms of drivers in the US and Canada. The NMA blog highlights important motorist issues such as red light cameras, speed traps, general car safety, traffic law reform, and more. One of their latest articles takes on the topic of distracted driving. Of course drivers are not permitted to text and drive, but what about all the other distractions that are actually part of your car's equipment? Are alerts for blind spot or pedestrian detection just as distracting as texting? You be the judge.

If you want up-to-the-minute coverage of the auto industry, the best reviews, videos, special features, car safety information, buyer's guides, and technology news, then you should definitely check out these blogs. You won't be disappointed.


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