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Child Safety Advocates Win Fight for Mandatory Backup Cameras

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Child Safety Advocates Win Fight for Backup Cameras

On a tragic day in 2002, pediatrician Dr. Greg Gulbransen was moving his SUV from the street to his driveway when he accidentally backed over his two-year-old son, Cameron. Ultimately, Cameron died from injuries he received in the accident. And Cameron is not alone. Two children die every week in backover accidents and many more are injured.

In larger vehicles especially, like trucks and SUVs, the blind spots are too large. If a small child gets behind a large vehicle, he cannot be seen by the driver. That is why backup cameras are such an important safety feature.

Backup Camera Display Compatibility

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Backup Camera Display Compatibility If you're interested in By adding a backup camera to a vehicle that doesn’t have one, you're making a wise decision for yourself and everyone else on the road. By May 2018, "rear visibility technology" will be mandatory in every new lightweight vehicle, thanks to a 2014 mandate by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The federal agency took multiple studies into account, including their own cost-benefit analyses and extensive crash tests, and verified what the auto industry already knew: that backup cameras prevent an overwhelming majority of low-speed collisions.