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Our Favorite Auto Blogs

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Favorite Auto Blogs

Sick of reading the same old boring car blogs? Car and truck enthusiasts rejoice! We have rounded up our top four favorite automotive blogs for your reading pleasure, and you are bound to find an article here that piques your interest. Get your car culture fix with these top automotive blogs.

Powering Your Backup Camera

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Powering Your Backup Camera

Backup cameras are so effective at preventing accidents that they are becoming mandatory for car manufacturers by 2018. However, many trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles aren't equipped with them yet, and still more only include them in higher-level pricing packages.

If your vehicle doesn't have a backup camera, you can still take advantage of this life-saving safety feature by installing an aftermarket camera that's compatible with your vehicle. This installation must include a connection to an existing power source.

All new cars to have backup cameras by 2018

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USA Today--The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a regulation requiring all vehicles, including trucks and buses, to have rear-view visibility -- in effect, requiring rear-view cameras.

The rule applies to all vehicles under 10,000 pounds -- from the smallest subcompact to commercial vans.

The original time schedule had been to have on all vehicles in 2014. The rule just issued pushes it back the schedule to 2018, meaning 2019 model-year vehicles.