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​How to Get the Most Out of Your Next RV Experience

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Choosing the Right RV Backup Camera

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If you've ever driven a motorhome or RV, you know that larger vehicles have larger blind spots too. While many modern cars and trucks now come standard with backup cameras, millions of RV owners are still driving with giant blind spots and backing up without the aid of camera technology. Fortunately, you don't have to be one of them anymore.

Light vehicles sold in the United States — including cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans — will be required to have backup cameras by 2018. It's no surprise that more and more manufacturers are answering the demand for aftermarket RV versions. After all, RVs have fewer rearview mirrors, but bigger blind spots and more horsepower.

The Pro's And Con's Of A Wired Backup Camera System For Your RV

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There's nothing quite so relaxing as spending some time in the great outdoors camping in your RV. However, few driving situations are mores stressful and difficult as backing that RV into a tight camping spot or getting it into your driveway at home.

Fortunately, installing a backup camera on your RV makes maneuvering your vehicle much easier and safer. A camera gives you an additional set of eyes to augment your mirrors and human spotters. You will have a clear view of your blind spots so that you can avoid any obstacles in your way.

When you shop for an RV backup camera, one important decision is whether to get a wireless or wired camera system. Wired camera systems may cost more time and money upfront, but they offer better quality images and typically last longer than wireless systems. Is a wired RV camera system right for you?