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The Pro's And Con's Of A Wireless Backup Camera System For Your RV

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The Pro's And Con's Of A Wireless Backup Camera System For Your RV

Backup cameras have done wonders in improving safety for RV owners. With a backup camera, you have a much clearer view behind your recreational vehicle to help you maneuver more quickly and easily. RV owners today have a choice between wireless and wired backup camera systems to suit their needs and preferences. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type, but if you’re thinking about a wireless backup camera for your RV, the simplicity and low cost may appeal to you even with the sacrifice of image signal and quality. Is a wireless RV camera system right for you?

The Pro’s of Wireless RV Camera Systems

Is A Wireless RV Backup Camera Right For You?


The simplicity of wireless systems allows a majority of individuals to install it themselves. In most cases, installation takes five minutes or less. Without various wires that need to be connected to the correct input and output, even those who aren't tech savvy can install wireless RV backup cameras themselves without a problem.

In most cases, it's easier to hire someone to install a hardwired system. This is especially the case in instances where the recreational vehicle is longer since there's more wiring that needs to be done. Once a wireless system is installed, the driver doesn't have to worry about dealing with wires or having wiring problems that may need troubleshooting in the future.

Technologically Advanced

Wireless systems are more technologically advanced compared to standard wired systems. If you're looking for high-tech gadgets, wireless is definitely the way to go. Systems that utilize wireless technology have the ability to use backup cameras integrated into the a navigation system. Only time will tell how far technology will propel wireless backup cameras into the future.

Low Cost

A wireless system costs less than a standard wired camera system. Wired systems require more equipment and materials for installation, which drives up the cost. Wireless systems on the other hand have no extra wires by nature, so the cost is lower in comparison.

Cons of Wireless Systems

The simplicity of wireless systems allows a majority of individuals to install it themselves.

Weather Issues

Although debris and weather affect almost any backup camera, wireless systems are even more sensitive to the weather than wired cameras. The view of camera in the rear of the car may be compromised by ice, snow, or rain, but when it's a wireless system, the weather can interfere with the signal between the camera and the screen itself.

Signal Issues

Sometimes, the signal may drop for other reasons when you're trying to backup unrelated to weather. The length of the RV affects the signal of a wireless system as well. The longer the RV, the greater the likelihood that image interruptions will occur. For those who become too dependent on their camera, the drop in signal may lead to an accident.

Other wireless devices can also affect the signal. When turning and moving the vehicle at different angles, the device can lose signal due to the fact that the camera isn't aligned with the monitor. High speeds may also affect the wireless signal, which is less than ideal for blind spot monitoring on highways.

Image Quality

Even in ideal weather conditions, the image quality isn't as clear on wireless systems compared to wired systems. A wired system transfers more data and produces a sharper image. A wireless system is limited when it comes to data transmission, so a lesser quality image results.

Is A Wireless RV Backup Camera Right For You?

Despite wireless backup cameras having their share of problems, they are the right choice for some RV owners. All backup cameras have drawbacks. The choice of a wireless or wired system comes down to which benefits and drawbacks align with your needs and preferences.

If you want the safety of a backup camera and want a cheaper solution, it's definitely beneficial to purchase a wireless camera for your vehicle. They're the best option for those who don’t want the cost or trouble of a professional installation and who don't do well with hooking up technical equipment.

A wireless camera is also a great option for those who don't rely solely on the camera. In other words, if you are using it to backup and it goes out or freezes, you're comfortable with using mirrors, spotters, and other helpful aids. For this reason, wireless backup camera systems are better for experienced drivers rather than those who are new on the road. Those who are new to driving might find themselves learning to drive with backup camera technology rather than learning skills to drive without it.

Whether you choose a wireless or wired backup camera system, your RV adventures will be safer for it.


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