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Upgrading the (Grainy) Stock 2018 GM Backup Camera Is Easy

Upgrading the (Grainy) Stock 2018 GM Backup Camera Is Easy

beginners guide to backup camera installation to learn how easy it can be. We have a variety of GM replacement backup cameras that can significantly upgrade your system with a clean OEM feel.

What follows is a quick overview on the benefits of upgrading and replacing your old camera.



Now this is a well known issue, just check out the factory 2016-2018 Image Quality!

Complaints about fuzziness, lack of clarity, and terrible performance in low light settings are common. When compared to the Camera Source Replacement quality, you can quickly see that our integrated module offers significantly more clarity.

Good Backup Camera Matter

It’s so much more than avoiding simple dings and scratches! A quality backup camera will not only preserve the longevity of your car and lower the chances of an accident, but it will keep your family safe!

Bezel or no bezel?

Before you can purchase a new camera, you have to double check and see how the factory-issue bezel is doing. For the uninitiated, a bezel is the piece of plastic that surrounds the handle of your tailgate and provides some protection for the camera. If your bezel is looking worn out or has seen some use, our kit has the optional addition of a new bezel.

If you just need a new camera and a mount, we have that available too. We strive to make new installations as stress-free as possible.

Swapping out

Normally, backup camera installation can be involved and require a little bit of technical know-how to make it work, but in this case, all you’ll need is the appropriate tool to attach and detach your camera from the rear of your truck. Our GM backup camera wiring harness is easy to use and install. Once you’ve swapped out the mount and attached the new camera, you’re ready for the next step.

Which is easy! Our replacement kit is designed to be plug-and-play, so all you’ll need to do is swap out the included 8-pin connector and you’ll be ready to test the camera. Check out the diagram below for a rough explanation of how the installation works with the factory nav system. We also have a variety of options that can work with any installation format.

Testing it out

Once you’ve upgraded the camera, you’ll be ready to go with testing. All you’ll need to do is start your truck, and shift into reverse. If the backup camera powers on, you’ve done it right. As an additional bit of info so you can see the high quality of our camera products, check out the difference between the factory camera and the one we custom developed for this kit.

Source: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/224521-back-up-camera-fuzzylines/

As you can see from the evidence, the 2019 silverado has backup camera problems. 2015 Silverado backup cameras have blurriness issues as well, and obviously it’s an issue going back to 2014 at least.


One last thing. Before you purchase the camera, make sure to check and see if the tailgate locks with a remote or not. We have two different camera options, and you want to make sure you get the right one for the features of your vehicle. We’ve got your 2015 GMC Sierra backup camera problems covered with this kit too, and there are options for that as well.

At Camera Source, our technologists pride themselves on creating fantastic optics and cameras for consumer vehicles, and the attention that we pay to our products shows. If you’re ready to for crystal clear video on your 2018 GM truck, browse the products we have available, or get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions. Don’t settle for basic camera options or Chevy Colorado backup camera problems, we’ve got all your Chevy needs met too, you can get a Chevy Colorado backup camera upgrade straight from us.