2009-2014 Ford F250 F350 Superduty SYNC GPS Navigation Radio

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  • Our factory OEM navigation radio features full map coverage for: USA & Canada
  • Supports English, French, & Spanish
  • No-hassle, Plug & Play system. Pre-programmed to match your vehicle's options
Our GPS radios are guaranteed to operate seamlessly with your vehicle. No modifications or expensive dealer programming required. Our fully guaranteed pre-owned navigation radios ship complete with a GPS antenna, navigation map disc, and VSS install harness at no extra cost. Please provide us with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) upon check-out to take advantage of our free programming service. PRODUCT FEATURES
  • Hi-res 6.5-inch touchscreen with QVGA display
  • AM/FM radio
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio & Travel Link Ready (requires subscription)
  • CD/DVD player
  • Built-in hard drive for MP3 storage
  • Enhanced GPS navigation with audible turn-by-turn directions
UPGRADES We offer several different factory OE and aftermarket upgrades for this product.
  • DVD & Navigation In-motion - Are you tired of pulling off the highway every time you need to input an address in your navigation system? Most navigation radio keyboards are locked while the vehicle is in-motion to prevent driver distraction but what if you have a willing & capable front passenger to assist? We are a reseller of the most popular in-motion unlock interfaces that will not only allow the front passenger to input addresses or points of interest while driving but also the ability to watch DVD movies right off the radio display while on those long road trips.
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free - New laws are popping up across the United States and in many other countries that make talking on a mobile phone in your hand while driving illegal. Fortunately, we offer Bluetooth wireless products to help you keep your hands on the wheel while you talk and drive.
  • Rear Camera - The rear blind spot in larger pickups & SUVs can extend almost 20 feet behind the vehicle. Rear cameras can help prevent a driver from accidentally backing over a child, pet, or object in this zone. Rear cameras can also make it far easier to hook up a trailer, especially if you have no one to help you line up the hitch and coupler.
  • iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player Integration - Out with the old and in with the new, CDs are slowly becoming obsolete. Studies show that 1 out of 3 drivers regularly use an MP3 player. We offer install kits to allow those drivers the ability to integrate their beloved handheld media players with our navigation radios.
  • Rear DVD Entertainment - Have you ever been on a long road trip with small children? Sometimes it's tough to endure. However, in the child's defense it is pretty boring staring at the back of your seat for countless hours. We offer several different headrest DVD systems that make traveling fun again. Many of our headrest systems even feature built-in video games and a/v inputs. Interchange Part Numbers: 9T4T-18K931-AA 9T4T-18K931-AB 9T4T-18K931-AC 9T4T-18K931-AD 9T4T-18K931-AE 9T4T-18K931-AF AT4T-18K931-AA AT4T-18K931-AB AT4T-18K931-AC AT4T-18K931-AD AT4T-18K931-AE AT4T-18K931-AF 9L8T-18K931-AA 9L8T-18K931-AB 9L8T-18K931-AC 9L8T-18K931-AD 9L8T-18K931-AE 9L8T-18K931-AF AL8T-18K931-AA AL8T-18K931-AB AL8T-18K931-AC AL8T-18K931-AD AL8T-18K931-AE AL8T-18K931-AF BL8T-18K931-AA BL8T-18K931-AB BL8T-18K931-AC BL8T-18K931-AD BL8T-18K931-AE BL8T-18K931-AF CL8T-18K931-AA CL8T-18K931-AB CL8T-18K931-AC CL8T-18K931-AD CL8T-18K931-AE CL8T-18K931-AF 9L1T-18K931-AA 9L1T-18K931-AB 9L1T-18K931-AC 9L1T-18K931-AD 9L1T-18K931-AE 9L1T-18K931-AF AL1T-18K931-AA AL1T-18K931-AB AL1T-18K931-AC AL1T-18K931-AD AL1T-18K931-AE AL1T-18K931-AF BL1T-18K931-AA BL1T-18K931-AB BL1T-18K931-AC BL1T-18K931-AD BL1T-18K931-AE BL1T-18K931-AF CL1T-18K931-AA CL1T-18K931-AB CL1T-18K931-AC CL1T-18K931-AD CL1T-18K931-AE CL1T-18K931-AF DL1T-18K931-AA DL1T-18K931-AB DL1T-18K931-AC DL1T-18K931-AD DL1T-18K931-AE DL1T-18K931-AF 9L2T-18K931-AA 9L2T-18K931-AB 9L2T-18K931-AC 9L2T-18K931-AD 9L2T-18K931-AE 9L2T-18K931-AF AL2T-18K931-AA AL2T-18K931-AB AL2T-18K931-AC AL2T-18K931-AD AL2T-18K931-AE AL2T-18K931-AF 9A2T-18K931-AA 9A2T-18K931-AB 9A2T-18K931-AC 9A2T-18K931-AD 9A2T-18K931-AE 9A2T-18K931-AF AA2T-18K931-AA AA2T-18K931-AB AA2T-18K931-AC AA2T-18K931-AD AA2T-18K931-AE AA2T-18K931-AF 9L3T-18K931-AA 9L3T-18K931-AB 9L3T-18K931-AC 9L3T-18K931-AD 9L3T-18K931-AE 9L3T-18K931-AF AL3T-18K931-AA AL3T-18K931-AB AL3T-18K931-AC AL3T-18K931-AD AL3T-18K931-AE AL3T-18K931-AF BL3T-18K931-AA BL3T-18K931-AB BL3T-18K931-AC BL3T-18K931-AD BL3T-18K931-AE BL3T-18K931-AF CL3T-18K931-AA CL3T-18K931-AB CL3T-18K931-AC CL3T-18K931-AD CL3T-18K931-AE CL3T-18K931-AF 9C3T-18K931-AA 9C3T-18K931-AB 9C3T-18K931-AC 9C3T-18K931-AD 9C3T-18K931-AE 9C3T-18K931-AF AC3T-18K931-AA AL3T-18K931-AB AC3T-18K931-AC AC3T-18K931-AD AC3T-18K931-AE AC3T-18K931-AF BC3T-18K931-AA BL3T-18K931-AB BC3T-18K931-AC BC3T-18K931-AD BC3T-18K931-AE BC3T-18K931-AF CC3T-18K931-AA CL3T-18K931-AB CC3T-18K931-AC CC3T-18K931-AD CC3T-18K931-AE CC3T-18K931-AF 9A1T-18K931-AA 9A1T-18K931-AB 9A1T-18K931-AC 9A1T-18K931-AD 9A1T-18K931-AE 9A1T-18K931-AF AA1T-18K931-AA AA1T-18K931-AB AA1T-18K931-AC AA1T-18K931-AD AA1T-18K931-AE AA1T-18K931-AF 9L7T-18K931-AA 9L7T-18K931-AB 9L7T-18K931-AC 9L7T-18K931-AD 9L7T-18K931-AE 9L7T-18K931-AF AL7T-18K931-AA AL7T-18K931-AB AL7T-18K931-AC AL7T-18K931-AD AL7T-18K931-AE AL7T-18K931-AF BL7T-18K931-AA BL7T-18K931-AB BL7T-18K931-AC BL7T-18K931-AD BL7T-18K931-AE BL7T-18K931-AF CL7T-18K931-AA CL7T-18K931-AB CL7T-18K931-AC CL7T-18K931-AD CL7T-18K931-AE CL7T-18K931-AF DL7T-18K931-AA DL7T-18K931-AB DL7T-18K931-AC DL7T-18K931-AD DL7T-18K931-AE DL7T-18K931-AF
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SKU OEM-0914F250
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Ford F250 F350 Superduty* ** *2013-2014 XL & XLT submodels only **Radio button color varies. Blue or Green. If you have a preference, please note it in checkout. Don't see your vehicle? Contact us. If your vehicle is currently equipped with factory installed premium audio system, subwoofer, steering wheel controls, rear audio controls, SiriusXM satellite radio, line-in AUX input, SYNC hands free capability, or family entertainment system they will all function plug & play with this pre-programmed Ford navigation radio and the vehicle specific BRICK Upgrade Kit. Simply remove your exiting radio, install the BRICK Upgrade Kit, then mount your new navigation radio. (The only time you will not need the brick upgrade kit is if you're replacing an existing defective or stolen navigation radio. You can order it without to instantly save $399.95)
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