07-13,14* CHROME Silverado, Sierra Backup Camera

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07-13,14* CHROME Silverado, Sierra Backup Camera is available to buy in increments of 1

Premium camera kit- camera will also allow you to see the rear bumper and trailer hitch for easy connections - even at night!  NO MONITOR IS INCLUDED IN THIS KIT.


This OE style camera provides superior high definition color, clarity, and excellent night vision! This camera contains the latest technology that even outperforms the factory camera in all categories! Coupled to a OEM GM bezel, this combination looks like a factory camera, but at a much lower price. This kit comes with all the wiring and connectors to install into your truck and connect to aftermarket monitor. *If you plan to connect to factory navigation you will also need to order an interface harness. See note below for details.


This package contains:

  • Premium high definition Super CMOS camera - (Camera Source exclusive), mounted in OEM FACTORY GM bezel with chrome cover.
  • Chrome tailgate handle cover
  • 25' PRELOOMED wiring harness - allows for quick tailgate disconnect with a single connection by the spare tire area. All other electrical connections can be made inside the cab for maximum durability and corrosion avoidance!
  • Wire connectors
  • Hole grommets (if required to drill)
  • Tailgate lock plug for non-locking tailgates
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • No drilling on newer model trucks with the tailgate drip hole and factory pre-drilled bed (~2009 and newer)
  • 3-Year limited camera warranty! This is the best warranty available on any GM truck camera system on the market.
  • The ONLY NBS camera system besides the OEM GM kit that has a full length pre-loomed harness and quick tailgate disconnect system! If you really want to pay more for GM OEM - see our online catalog as we stock those too!

Camera Specs:

  • Super CMOS - The best available and only at Camera Source
  • 600 TV lines of resolution
  • 170 degree view
  • Optional custom OE inspired parking guidelines - can be turned off at the harness

Additional Information: This bezel and camera replace your existing bezel as a direct replacement kit. This is a high quality affordable alternative to the GM validated OEM kit we offer on this site (5CS-GMTRO).



  • *CS-GMVSS1 pigtail harness is also required if connecting to factory installed navigation (2007-11 models)
  • *CS-GMVSS2 harness required if you added GM navigation to your truck, the brown connector is included (07-11 models)
  • *CS-GMVSS3 harness is required for 2012-13 models (2014 HD models too)
  • *CS-GMMBH option for 2010-2013 trucks without power sliding rear window that have a blue and a white wire in the existing 16 pin mirror connector (truck is prewired for mirror so you can tap into existing harness)
  • *CS-GMMBH-P option same as above but for trucks that have a power sliding rear window



More Information
Video System NTSC
Vehicle Interface Not Included
Waterproof/Dustproof Level IP 67
Night Vision < .2 Lux
Power Supply 12 Volts
Wiring Type Hard Wired
System Manufacturer EVI Systems
Camera Resolution 600 TVL
Parking Guidelines Selectable on/off
Camera Orientation Rear Facing
Fit Type Factory OE Fit Replacement
Connection Aftermarket Display (RCA)
Sensor Type Super CMOS
Viewing Angle 170 Degrees
Warranty 3 Year
I'm Looking For: Rear Camera
Reason for Shopping Adding the camera(s)
For a monitor it uses: Your aftermarket display (RCA)

NOTE: This camera kit comes with everything you need to connect to an afermarket monitor with RCA input.  It will also connect to a factory navigation system using a special harness as explained above (sold separately).


2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 GM NBS trucks with or without locking tailgate, also 2014 heavy duty series. Includes all the above model years Sierra, Silverado, Denali, and HD models.

You will replace your factory tailgate bezel with the new bezel containing the camera. Since the bezel is a GM part you can expect it to have the fit and finish that you would expect from the factory! The camera has a long cable attached that allows it to be disconnected by the spare tire area, making the tailgate removal easy! The included harness will run along the frame of the truck and penetrate the floor of the cab through a floor grommet on the driver's side and run up to the back of your monitor or navigation screen. If you are planning to use your factory navigation radio as the monitor you will need to have it flashed for a backup camera by your dealer before installing this camera system. The dealer uses a Tech II device and they should flash part #2583-6479 to the radio, which should costs less than $100. Also, for a simple connection to your navigation screen you can either use our CS-GMVSS RCA adaptor or purchase a Lockpick for plug and play integration.  The VSS adapter can be added to your order from this screen for a discount but is otherwise available in our online catalog.


NOTE: THIS CAMERA CAN NOT INTERFACE THE NEW HARD DRIVE NAVIGATION SYSTEM IN 2012-2013. It will work with any non-hard drive navigation system in 2007-early 2012.  If you are interfacing a replacement factory video mirror, your truck may already be prewired to the mirror for the video signal. Check the existing mirror plug for a blue and a white wire (2 wires) and if present, you can use one of our CS-GMBMH harnesses for simple integration. Non power sliding rear window trucks use CS-GMMBH and if you have a power slider then use CS-GMMBH-P. The reverse activated power will be tapped into either the Lockpick (if applicable) or the junction box by the drivers left foot area. Detailed instructions are included that walk you through the process!

Make installation even easier with an add on 12 Volt power source to eliminate the need to locate a power source on the vehicle and avoid cutting or splicing into factory wiring!  See related item SKU: CS-RPW-P


Watch a video of the flashing process here:

Click here for flashing video.


Watch a video of the installation process here:

Click here for install video.

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