Forward Crash and Lane Departure Warning System with DVR

Newest Version with Pedestrian detection!



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As new cars hit the roads with advanced safety features, drivers of older cars may wish they had access to the same vehicle technology being offered... and now they can. The ADAS + Advanced Driver Assistance System is a forward crash and lane departure warning system with the added benefit of a built-in digital video recorder (DVR).

With the ADAS + Advanced Driver Assistance System, drivers will enjoy benefits such as: 

  • New! Pedestrian Detection: System watches for pedestrian crosswalks and detects when people are crossing in front of traffic (available only with version 3)
  • Forward Collision Warning: Provides audible and visual warnings on the 2.4” color touch screen. Displays potential collisions in seconds to impact
  • Lane Departure: Watches the road and alerts drivers in the event of accidental lane departure
  • Beep and Watch: When traffic flow stops, the ADAS+ keeps watch and alerts the driver to resume driving once traffic begins to move
  • Video and Event Recording: Automatic or manually activated front and rear audio and video recording with GPS data. Includes a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Secondary Camera: Includes interior mount, multi-purpose camera for rear event or interior occupant monitoring
  • Simple Calibration: Calibration is easily done via the touch screen, the only tool you need is a tape measure
  • Small Footprint: Mounts easily to windshield with included OEM 3M adhesive
  • User Interface: Convenient 2.4” touchscreen
  • DVR Recording: Continuous front and rear recording while ignition is on and any time an event is sensed while vehicle is parked
  • Location Data: Includes built-in GPS receiver for detecting vehicle speed and pinpointing event locations
  • Fleet Manager Lock Screen: System has settable, touchscreen password protection to prevent vehicle drivers from disabling the system

System comes with a 2 year warranty!

Additional Information

Additional Information

System Manufacturer Brand Motion
Camera Input Ports 2
Any vehicle with 12v power source.
Installation Information

Installs easily and screen mounts to inside glass in vehicle. Cameras are designed for interior use.



Does this system have motion sensing?  Yes.  The sensor will start recording once it senses anyone bump your vehicle and there are 3 levels of sensitivity for the g sensor.


Is the 2nd camera mounted on the back glass?  You can mount the 2nd camera anywhere inside the vehicle.  You can use it to monitor passengers or look behind the vehicle, out the side, etc.  All cameras are designed for interior use only and the second camera is hard wired to the system.


What's the tape measure used for during the install?  The system needs to know the width of the car, length of the hood, and height of the camera from the ground in order to effectively detect lane departure, collision avoidance, etc. so the tape measure is required during setup.


Is the menu easy to use or are there several buttons to fumble with?  The menu is integrated into the touch screen so it's very simple to navigate.  The only buttons on the unit are on the side and used for adjusting volume.


Is it 1080 at night?  The cameras are not designed to work in pure darkness as they do not have night vision so they require your headlights for night driving and ambient lighting in parking lots etc.  The cameras can be set to either 720 or 1080 in the menu system.


Does it automatically save footage when it detects an event?  Yes.  When the system detects an event it will automatically save the 15 seconds prior and 2 minutes after so that the footage does not get overwritten.  The included SD card is 32Gb and will store approximately 18 hours of footage.