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2007-2013 Tundra OEM Camera Kit new product

2007-2013 Tundra OEM Camera Kit
2007-2013 Toyota Tundra OEM Backup Camera Kit2007-2013 Toyota Tundra OEM Backup Camera Kit (2010+ pictured)
Price: $474.00
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  • New product - Now in stock and ready to ship! This is an OEM Tundra backup camera kit that is plug and play with your factory wiring!

    Don't spend $1500 on a camera kit from Toyota when you can have an OEM kit for a fraction the price! This kit utilizes our ultra clear super CMOS camera in a factory Tundra OEM handle. We bundle it with a factory rear harness and it is plug and play into your existing wiring, making the installation time less than 15 minutes! Finally see what is behind your vehicle while keeping your truck OEM!

    This kit can ship with an optional front flying lead harness that will make your camera plug and play with an aftermarket navigation receiver or external monitor. The optional harness connects into the factory plug above the overhead console and terminates in a 9' RCA cable with integrated reverse trigger wire. That means you can plug the RCA into an monitor with a video RCA input and the integrated reverse trigger wire will tell your navi or monitor when the truck is in reverse!

    This kit can also ship with a full length harness in case your Tundra is not prewired for camera from the factory.

    Base kit includes:

    • Factory Toyota tailgate camera handle
    • Camera Source Super CMOS night vision camera pre-mounted - Latest camera technology for the ultimate in color, contrast, and clarity!
    • OEM pre-loomed rear harness - plug right into your factory wiring harness
    • Zip ties
    • Detailed installation instructions

    Camera Specifications:

    • Super CMOS chip - outstanding color, contrast, and clarity!
    • 170 degree view
    • 720x480 with over 600 TV lines of resolution
    • .1 lux minimum illumination - Outstanding night vision!

    This kit allows you to see what is directly behind the truck - it will even see the rear bumper and hitch! Save $$$hundreds$$$ over a factory kit and get a better quality camera!

    No monitor or mirror is included in this kit. We also sell this camera as a bundle with the Gentex GNTX-657 auto-dim video mirror (CS-TUN-657), Gentex 335 (CS-TUN-335), or Gentex 3345 (CS-TUN-3345).

    This camera comes with a 3 year limited warranty or factory match when installed by an expeditor and is guaranteed to fit like it came from the factory or your money back.

  • 2007-2013 Tundra - select the appropriate harness configuration from the box above when ordering.

    If your truck is 2010+ and you currently have a HomeLink mirror you will also need the Y adaptor to split the mirror harness for the front flying lead. If you do not order your camera with the front flying lead then it is not needed. The reason is that the HomeLink mirror uses the same plug that our front flying lead uses and the Y harness will allow both to be plug and play into the same harness. The part number is CS-10TUN-Y and it can be found under accessories/wiring kits.

    NOTE: Some 2012 and 2013 trucks are not prewired even though the chassis harness is in place. You need to test each of the pins at the back for continuity in the front overhead console. This can be accomplished by using an ohm meter with a long extension wire and alligator clips. Clip one end of the wire to a pin at the back and carefully poke the opposite end of your tester into each of the overhead console wires to test for continuity. In the event that your Tundra camera harness is not prewired from the factory be sure to select the complete harness from the drop down configuration above.

  • Replace your existing tailgate handle with the new OEM Toyota handle with integrated backup camera. Two 10mm bolts hold your handle in place, swap the lock, fish the camera wire through the tailgate, plug in to your chassis, and reassemble. The entire camera installation process can take less than 20 minutes. Monitor installation time may take additional time if applicable.

    The optional flying lead harness connects to the blank connector in the overhead panel and converts the factory plug to an RCA connector with 9' extension. The harness also is configurable to allow the camera to turn on in reverse only, or if your monitor is capable you can set it to be on all the time. An integrated reverse trigger wire saves time in locating a reverse power source for your aftermarket navigation or external monitor!

    See our online catalog if you would like to bundle this kit with a Gentex mirror.