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Fifth Wheel Backup Camera Quick Disconnect Harness

Fifth Wheel Backup Camera Quick Disconnect Harness
Price: $84.00
  • This harness will allow you to quickly remove a trailer or other removable component with backup camera.

    Quickly remove your fifth wheel, trailer, farm machinery, or anything else that requires the camera to be disconnected at the hitch. Heavy duty coil harness locks into matching recepticals on both ends. Screw type locking connectors are a perfect match for all our commercial camera systems.

    Coil extends to more than 10ft!

    Kit includes:

    • HD coil harness with screw type 4 pin locking connectors
    • Two HD recepticals the tap into the camera and monitor harnesses - screw type cable locks on both ends

    Warranty Information

    All Camera Source products include a standard 45 day warranty unless otherwise specified in the item description. Simply return the item and it will be repaired or replaced! Note that some issues can be resolved over the phone or email so please contact us first.

  • Compatible with any of our commercial cameras with 4 pin locking connectors.

  • There are three components to this kit; two camera cable connectors and the coiled harness. The camera cable connectors have a locking 4 pin connection on one end that attaches to your camera cable and a female receptacle on the other end where the coiled harness plugs into. This is similar to your trailer harness receptacle in the rear bumper of your truck with a spring loaded lid to protect the connector when not in use. Coiled harness simple pushes into the receptacle and locks into place by a tab on the spring loaded lid - very simple to install!