Rear Camera Display Mirror, 4.3" screen, 2 inputs-DEMO

No remote


Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price $149.00

Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price $149.00


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**DEMO- No remote, no adjustable guidelines.  Other than that it looks and works perfect!

This mirror is is a high quality aftermarket version rear view mirror!


With a standard wedge style mount, this mirror will fit just about anything.  The large 4.3" display has auto-brightness control so it's ultra-bright in the daytime for great video clarity and automatically dims at night.  The mirror glass is also auto-dimming so headlights will be dimmed when shining directly into the mirror.



  • 4.3" High Brightness auto-bright control LCD display
  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror to prevent blinding light at night
  • No dead spot in rear view mirror when LCD display is off, perfect mirror
  • Non-adjustable guidelines built in.
  • No remote
  • 2 composite video inputs (RCA) for use with any video source
  • Complete glass mount replacement, not a clip on
  • Theft resistant because you cannot tell its a display
  • Display can be seen in bright sunlight
  • Comes with complete harness
  • Reverse trigger - so that unit will automatically turn on rear camera display when vehicle is placed in reverse
  • Second video input is live when signal is detected

1 year warranty!

NOTE:  Parking guidelines are not adjustable on this mirror.  Does not include a remote.  Not compatible if your vehicle has auto-dimming side mirrors. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Video System NTSC
Power Supply 12 Volts
Wiring Type Hard Wired Full Harness
System Manufacturer EVI Systems
Monitor Size 4.3'' Mirror
Fit Type Universal fit
Connection Aftermarket Display (RCA)
Camera Input Ports 2
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Mirror Options Auto Dim, Video
Mirror Mount Wedge Style

Any vehicle with a standard wedge style mirror mount.

Not compatible if your vehicle has auto-dimming side mirrors. 

Installation Information
Simply replace your existing mirror with this replacement mirror, harness is included!