Universal Backup Sensor Kit - Truck

OEM Grade Truck Backup Sensor Kit



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This sensor system is ideal for pickup trucks as the cables are long enough to run under the box and into the cab.


This system can actually learn to ignore vehicle mounted objects i.e bike racks, mounted spare tires, and/or hitch mounted accessories so it can focus on objects that it might hit.


Includes the following:

  • Control box
  • External speaker for tone and LED display
  • Adjustable volume
  • (4) black sensors that are paintable
  • 0 and 8 degree sensor sleeves
  • Sensor distance is adjustable
Additional Information

Additional Information

System Manufacturer EVI Systems
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Any vehicle especially trucks and can be used for front or rear sensors.
Installation Information
Must drill hole in bumper for sensor to be installed, drill bit not included. Install all 4 sensors in bumper and run wires along chassis into cab. Connect sensor wires to control box and connect power, ground, and speaker/LED unit.